Non-GMO, hand-picked Quality Heirloom Seeds

Howdy Folks,
You’ve landed on my little corner of the web.  I’m glad you’re here.
This site is an extension of my main website “Grow Your Heirlooms” and my Youtube channel.

Over the years many people have asked me for seeds from my gardens. I always contemplated whether to sell them or not.
To me, the web seems saturated with people selling seeds and I just thought I would be a small ripple in a large ocean.

My revelation
It occurred to me that almost all of the people selling seeds were not selling THEIR seeds, but rather, buying them from large seed house. They are re-packaging them, re-labeling them, and selling them to anyone willing to buy.
I didn’t want to be that kind of seller.

All of my seeds here are grown by me, harvested from my very own plants, then packaged and shipped by me. No middle man.
If you follow my Youtube channel or read my blog, then you have a first hand knowledge of the seed’s history. I guarantee they did not come from any other source.

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to hearing from you.


New for 2019

Slo-Bolt Lettuce
Harvested Summer 2019
Northern Delight Tomato
(available fall 2019)
Giant Nobel Spinach
(available fall 2019)