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I believe in complete transparency.
All seeds available here on my website are grown and harvested by me and collected from my very own gardens. I do not, and never will buy seeds in bulk and repackage them to sell to you.

The seeds I sell are all hand selected by me. I will not sell anything I don’t truly believe is worthy of passing on to you. If it’s not up to standard, you won’t see it in my store.
If you see 20 different varieties of tomato seeds, it literally means I grew 20 different varieties. You will see what I grow and harvest myself.
I try to post a video of the plants as they are growing throughout the year. This will give you an idea of what you could expect.
Keep in mind though, that just because a variety does good for me, it doesn’t mean you will have the same success. Different locations have different diseases and pests. I will guarantee though, that the seeds come from the healthiest and most productive plants in my garden
The selections will vary greatly from year to year. As summer progresses, the stock wears thin until I harvest again in the fall, so I can maintain the freshest seeds to sell.


I don’t use any pesticides, poisons or chemical fertilizers. I guarantee that all the products I use here are completely 100% certified for organic growers. I cannot however call my seeds organic because the cost of certification is too high for a small operation as mine. But I assure you, mine are no different.
All of my seeds are non GMO, open pollinated and pure. I want other growers who buy my seeds to be able to grow fresh quality food and harvest their own seeds for future planting and self-sustainability

Check back often as the selections will change. I am excited to share my seeds with you and I look forward to hearing from you about your results